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Comfort Glow Heating Photo Gallery
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Kitchen retrofit
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Kitchen retrofit. Two 2� by 4� panels esthetically balanced on either end of a lighting fixture.

Mr.and Mrs. Cornett replaced a hot water heating system in their 1400 sq. ft. home with Enerjoy panels. Their total electric home costs $92 per month for all the electricity used.

Medical examining room
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Medical examining room with two 2� by 4� panels in T-Bar suspended ceiling.

This examining room with Enerjoy panels over head warms the couch and the patient.

Office remodel
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Office remodel with 2� by 8� panels heating work spaces.

Replacing a furnace with Enerjoy panels provided comfortable and efficient heating for this older office building.

Enerjoy bedroom installation
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Home addition using two 2� by 4� panels in recessed ceiling in master bedroom.

Problems of heating home additions can easily be solved using Enerjoy infrared radiant panels to provide comfortable efficient and easily controlled heat.

4 Images    Page 1


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