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ENERJOY Infrared Radiant Heating Modules

The positive answer to all your heating questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Are Enerjoy modules expensive to install?

Enerjoy systems may cost as little as half the cost of forced air systems or as little as one- third the cost of an infloor radiant hydronic system.

#2 Are Enerjoy modules more economical to operate?

Tests have shown that Enerjoy systems will save over 30% compared to heat pump systems and over 50% over electric baseboards.

#3 - Isn't the use of electricity the most expensive way to heat a building?

Not if you use electric powered Enerjoy modules. Enerjoy modules convert electric power into effective infrared radiant heating so efficiently that a dollar’s worth of electricity will produce considerably more heating comfort than a dollar’s worth of gas or oil.

#4 - Will Enerjoy modules work in offices and commercial buildings?

Enerjoy modules are available in sizes that drop into a suspended ceiling and look very much like the other ceiling panels.

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#5 - Can Enerjoy modules be installed in an existing building?

Enerjoy panels are installed much the same way an electrician installs light fixtures. If an electric wire can be run to the panel, the installation is easy.

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#6 - What will Enerjoy modules look like installed in my house or office?

Enerjoy infrared radiant panels are only one inch thick and are textured to look very much like a textured ceiling. They can be attached on the ceiling as an architectural feature. Enerjoy panels can be painted using water base acrylic paint to match your décor.

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Enerjoy panels blend in nicely as an inconspicuous heating system mounted on the ceiling.

#7 - Most home heating systems have only one thermostat for the whole house. How does one control temperature with Enerjoy modular systems?

Enerjoy is the most effective heating system on the market, with the ability to manage heat in each room just like you manage lighting in each room. Each room is separately controlled precisely as you want it with a thermostat in each room set to the desired temperature. In fact, in larger rooms one can even zone some areas to be warmer or cooler than other parts of the room. The cooking and work area in the kitchen can be set lower than the eating area in the dining area.

#8 - How will Enerjoy mdoules work in a bathroom?

People love the Enerjoy Comfort Center in bathrooms. Not only are they very effective and comfortable, they have a built in quiet exhaust fan, a light and a night-light. Step out of the shower and towel off under the warmth of Enerjoy. No drafty cold air to chill you as you dry or mirrors that fog up every time someone showers are comfortable features no air heating system can offer.

#9 - If you have read the web site to this point, you are ready to ask: How do Enerjoy modules work?

The face side of the module is heated by the resistance of electricity to warm the surface. The warm surface generates invisible infrared energy that travels at the speed of light to the objects in the room including floor, furniture and people. The infrared energy warms the objects in the room the same way the sun’s infrared energy warms the surface of the earth after passing through the cold atmosphere above the earth. Consider how effectively the sun, as just a small dot in the sky, can do such a great job of warming objects on earth. Enerjoy modules do the same thing generating energy from a source in the ceiling to gently warm the whole room. All this comfort and efficiency is accomplished with the consumption of very little electricity compared to any other method of heating.

#10 - How expensive is it to maintain an Enerjoy infrared radiant heating system?

This may be the best part.

* There are no moving parts to wear out, be adjusted, or serviced.

  • There is no air movement created by the Enerjoy modules.
  • No filters are needed.
  • No allergy causing dust blowing around.
  • No noise.

#11 - What are the advantages of Enerjoy infrared radiant heating modules over other choices available?

  • Efficient conversion of electric energy to usable heat
  • Significant reduction of heating costs
  • Heats objects in room before heating the air
  • Warms from the floor up
    Conventionally forced air heating violates two basic laws of physics:
    1. Heated air in the presence of cold air rises to the ceiling
    2. Moving air cools objects that contain moisture, i.e. people

  • Heating without moving air reduces drafts and movement of dust particles
  • Enerjoy panels have no moving parts, so they are:
    1. quiet
    2. maintenance-free
    3. have a long life
    4. safe

  • People feel good when warmed by radiant heat – like the warm feeling on a gray day when the sun breaks through the clouds.
  • Panels are mounted on the ceiling, allowing total flexibility for arranging furniture.
  • Ceiling mounted panels allow for very uniform heat distribution
  • Panels are lightweight, one inch thick and can be installed either inconspicuously or as an architectural feature.
  • No furnace or furnace room is required
  • No filters, blowers, ducts or flues are required.
  • Each room can be controlled by its own thermostat, heating only the space in which heat is desired, just like electric lighting.
  • Quick recovery after heat has been turned down
  • Comparable in cost to forced air systems but much more economical to operate
  • Enerjoy panels are much less costly to install than floor tube radiant systems
    1. more uniform heating
    2. more flexibility in heating
    3. more efficient and economical to operate
    4. no maintenance
    5. no moving parts
    6. no furnace or central control room
    7. no possible damage from leaking tubes
    8. no complicated pumping and valve systems

  • Enerjoy panels are easy to wire and simple to install
  • Enerjoy panels operate on the same principle as the way the sun heats the earth, naturally and comfortably.

# 12 - If my builder or contractor doesn’t have information about Enerjoy modules, how can I find out more?

Answer: Fill in the information requested on this web site and the folks at Comfort Glow Heating will get back to you in just a day days.

#13 - When I have decided that this is a viable choice for my heating needs, how do I get a cost quote for a system to heat my home, office or commercial space?

To accurately layout a heating design it is best if you provide a scale drawing where ¼” = 1 foot. This is a typical scale most architects use. Show on the drawing any lighting fixtures location as they may influence the positioning of the panels. Also note any ceiling features such as open beam layout, vaulted ceilings, skylights, raised areas or lights. To determine the heating requirement it is helpful to know the coldest outside temperature and the interior temperature you desire in your building when the maximum cold event occurs. Indicate optional areas to heat such as closets, sun porches or garages.

#14 - Is it difficult to install Enerjoy modules?

In new homes your electrician will wire for your heating modules at the same time as he wires your lighting system. Modules are only 1 inch thick, very lightweight and are easily fastened to the ceiling. Retrofitting existing homes may be a bit more complicated. Multi-storied homes may require a wire mold system surface mounted on the ceiling if it becomes impossible to run wires between the ceiling and the floor above. In single story homes it is usually easy to run wiring overhead in the attic to the rooms where the panels are to be installed.

#15- What sizes are available?

Enerjoy infrared radiant heating modules come in 2-foot wide modules 2 feet long up to 8 feet long. Lengths are available in increments of one foot. Power requirements range from 200 watts, .8 amps to 1000 watts, 4.2 amps. Most rooms in an average sized house can be heated with modules requiring only 600 to 1000 watts of electricity. Modules are one inch thick and weigh less than 2 pounds per foot of length. Modules are finished with a textured surface painted white. They can be painted on installation to match ceiling colors with water base acrylic paint.



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